A Reader Calls Joe Guzzardi an "Idiot"; Joe Replies
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From: Patricia A. Helvenston, Ph.D. (e-mail her)

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: Rudy Giuliani: GOP Frontrunner—But For How Much Longer

Rudy Giuliani said we must hire more border agents, build a wall, prosecute employers of illegals and deport as many illegals as possible. 

Giuliani is the only Republican candidate that has a chance of defeating Billary but Guzzardi's attacks against him simply ensure her victory.

Guzzardi is not a conservative. He's an idiot that doesn't know anything about Giuliani as District Attorney of New York or as Mayor. He is one of the toughest SOB's on this planet and that is the kind of President we need to win the war on terror.

Guzzardi's distortions of Giuliani's immigration record in New York are pathetic. Giuliani tried to report illegals but the Feds would do absolutely nothing. As president, I am convinced he would halt illegal immigration to the greatest extent possible.

I have studied all the other Republican candidates and they are wusses compared to Rudy. We don't need Hillary but Guzzardi is tirelessly working to see her elected.

He'd better wise up.

Joe Guzzardi replies: One of the fascinating things about column writing is the mail you receive from people who apparently have not read carefully. Often, their response is so off the wall, you wonder what exactly they are referring to.

This is the case with Helvenston. In my twenty-year career as a journalist, I have never in over 3,000 columns, written one supportive word about Hillary Clinton. In the column to which Helvenston refers, claiming I am working "tirelessly" for Clinton, I do not mention her name.  See my VFL column this week for my Clinton insights.

Perhaps Helvenston is a new reader. That would explain how she missed my multiple references to having lived in New York and my frequent return visits.

I am, therefore, fully up to speed on Giuliani and his immigration policies.

If Helvenston buys into Giuliani's conversion to immigration reform, so be it.

But I do not. An individual's immigration record is built up over time. And convenient changes of heart during a presidential campaign are not very persuasive.

One last thing: I am not a conservative and have never represented myself as one. I am a disaffected Democrat who has no intention of supporting the Democratic 2008 nominee whoever he or she may be. The only vote for a Democrat that I have cast in the last 15 years was in 2003 when I voted for myself as a candidate for California governor in the Recall Gray Davis election.

While we're on the subject, Giuliani used to be a Democrat too. Arguably, he still is. But whatever he is, he's not getting my vote.

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