A Texas Reader Hears Whining In California
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From: Roger Chaillet (e-mail him)

Reconquistas can't get over the fact that illegal aliens are not victims.

In an interview with the Orange County Register, Cruz Reynoso, a radical left-wing open borders apologist (and formerly a California Supreme Court justice and a professor of law at both U.C.L.A. and U.C. Davis) showed that he has the victim shtick down pat. 

Reynoso serves as an apologist—an inadequate one at that—for the cause of illegal immigration and does so from his ethno-centric point of view. [Immigration System Hurts Democracy, Professor Says, By Amy Taxin, Orange County Register, September 4, 2007]

Readers know that opposition to illegal immigration is based neither on "hatred" nor "anti-immigrant virulence" as Reynoso would have you believe.

We base our position on respect for the rule of law, as well as the economic, cultural and environmental consequences of unbridled illegal immigration.

Joe Guzzardi adds: Despite (or perhaps because of) his radical agenda, former President Bill Clinton awarded Reynoso the Medal of Freedom in 2000.

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