A North Carolina Student Writes To Ask About VDARE.com's "Warped View Of The History Of Colonialism And Slavery"
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From: Margaret Franz [Email her]

I recently read Alien Nation [PDF] and have been browsing through your blog for a paper I'm writing on right wing anti-immigration rhetoric. Normally when I read these kinds of things I don't comment or respond because, frankly, it's tiresome and you guys will probably not read it anyway. However, I have to ask, what kind of warped view of the history of colonialism and slavery do you guys possess?

I think in the book Brimelow even refers to colonialism as the "great European expansion."

Immigration is a direct result of the violence of colonialism and the uneven global economy (also a result of violent colonialism and violent neoliberal capitalism, not to mention repeated interventionist wars in those "Third World" countries Brimelow calls "cesspools.")[VDARE.com note: We can't find any case of Brimelow using this term for Third World countries. ]

Also, why the reductionism and biological determinism?

You are obviously clinging to the "clash of civilizations" paradigm, which posits that members of different ethnic groups or cultures inherently will not "get along," whatever that means.

How can you even assign traits to a whole ethnic group or culture?

I'm guessing you will cite "incarceration rates" or "IQ," which leads me to point out how you have made a complete fetish of not only race, class, gender, ethnicity and so on but also the racist and classist laws and policies that put certain groups of people in prison at a higher rate (war on drugs for example).

Last, the United States is not being colonized, it is a colonizer! It was founded by colonialists who invaded American Indian and Mexican land.

As mentioned above, it has and does repeatedly intervene in the affairs of other states for its own gain. Wait, one more, the United States was also not built by "those of colonial stock" as you like to say.

It was built on the backs of African slaves and later immigrants (and those of colonial stock of course). There is no ethnic "nation" that forms the "core" of the United States and that is the fault of "our" forefathers who imported labor from Africa, Latin America, and Asia.

It's also the fault of those first colonizers, the "purist" Americans if you will, who raped and pillaged the first residents of this land. The United States has never been a "white" nation and it never will be, even though white elites have also been in power, but fortunately even that is changing. Sorry, I know it's hard to accept :(

James Fulford replies: This will probably require a long answer (a Fulford File titled Letter To A Young Non-Contrarian) but I thought I'd post it, in all its pristine glory, for our readers to see what kids these days are learning in school. (Important if any of our readers have children in university.)

These ideas are not invented by Miss Franz, but by her teachers. I'm reminded of the time David Horowitz went to Bates College to speak, probably speaking against reparations, and a "young woman stood up and, with a tremendous urgency, sputtered, "But what about the hierarchies? You didn't mention the hierarchies!"

Horowitz was forced to explain, as gently as possible, that the "hierarchies" were something her teachers had made up.[Enemy of the people , By David Horowitz, Salon.com, April 26, 1999]

Miss Franz's statements (links added by me) are the same kind of left-wing academic shibboleths. I wish her luck in her academic career, where she certainly won't get in trouble with the authorities for heterodoxy, but as far as her ideas about history, ethnicity, and culture are concerned, all I can say is "life is not like that."

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