A Pennsylvania Reader Asks What The Evolutionary Explanation Might Be For Self-Hating White Liberals
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Re: Steve Sailer’s blog item Can Evolution Account for the Arts?

From: Dave Shanken [Email him]

Probably evolution can account for the human brain's capacity and proclivity for art, but can evolution account for Liberalism?

Can evolution account for Liberals favoring those less genetically related to them over those more closely related?

Can evolution account for Liberals not defending their territory? Not only do Liberals not defend their territory, but encourage others to occupy it.

Can evolution account for Liberals antipathy for their genetic survival?

This is the gap in evolutionary accounting that baffles me.

See previous letters by Dave Shanken.

James Fulford writes: I can actually answer this one—the evolutionary equation is simple:white status anxiety makes male college students liberal, enabling them to breed with female white college students, and then move to Portland, and open a vegan restaurant or eco-friendly coffee shop.

Evolutionary psychology is about your own personal breeding (and breeding related activities) not, unfortunately, national well-being.

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