A Patriotic Reader Comments On George Will's Petulant Bolting The GOP Over Trump
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From: Nathan Hale [Email him]

Does George Will really believe that the best way to advance conservatism is to elect Hillary Clinton?['This Is Not My Party': George Will Goes from GOP to Unaffiliated, By Nicholas Ballasy, PJMedia, June 24, 2016]

If he's really willing to give away the Supreme Court because he thinks Donald Trump is gauche then maybe he wasn't much of a conservative at all.

I've noticed that he's been a talking head for the Treason Lobby for years, talking about how many buses it would take to get Mexicans back to Mexico—as if that's an excuse not to enforce our immigration laws. [George Will Can't Count—Deportation No Problema, VDARE.com, May 23, 2006]

Over the years, through my reading of VDARE.com, I've realized that the small issues of the Republican Party—like marginal tax rates—pale in comparison to defending the historic American nation. You can't have conservatism without a nation.


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