A Patriotic Hispanic College Student Writes On Meeting Peter Brimelow at CPAC
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 From: A Patriotic Hispanic College Student [Email him]

I'm a long time reader of VDARE.com. While I certainly do not agree with every author or every article posted on the site, I find it to be my go to place for reading thought provoking, and sometimes controversial pieces. It's a great way to start my day.

Anyway, I had the privilege of meeting Peter Brimelow at CPAC after the ProEnglish panel this past Thursday. As a fiercely patriotic and loyal, Old Right conservative Latino, I could not wait to get a chance to meet the author of Alien Nation and was very glad that I did.

My friends told me that I shouldn't go to the panel or I shouldn't try to meet Mr. Brimelow. Why? Because according to my uninformed politically correct friends, Mr. Brimelow is a vicious racist who wouldn't want to talk to a Hispanic like me.

This was nonsense and I knew it. I had quite a wonderful, quick chat with him regarding American immigration policy and assimilation. For someone who's supposed to be a racist, he certainly did not seem to mind when I mentioned my own background... Being a patriotic and loyal American of Latino descent can be hard.

In their world of political correctness, the left hates everything about me; they hate my opposition to multiculturalism, they hate the fact that a guy like me who has lived in the USA for 20 of my 21 years might pledge allegiance to my American flag, they hate that I am a staunch defender of the West and a critic of mass immigration.

I want to thank Mr. Brimelow for our conversation. It was truly an honor. Keep fighting the good fight!


James Fulford writes: If this were a letter from an Irish reader, we’d get a nasty letter from a man named Michael Kenny saying it was fake. It’s not, but obviously, we couldn’t print this student’s name even he wanted us to, so letters saying this is fake should be addressed to me, [email protected].

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