A Patriot Lawyer Says It Might Take A National Police Strike To Bring Reality Back To The BLM Narrative
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Re: Steve Sailer's Blog post Atlanta Cop Who Shot Criminal Aiming Cop's Stolen Taser At Him To Face Death Penalty Charge

From: Fabrizio Evola [Email him]

As law enforcement continues to be vilified by BLM, Antifa, and other elements of the Left, police unions should consider organizing a national strike. There have been a number of posts and articles on VDARE about the inevitable rise in violent crime that will result if police are defunded or abolished, but we do not need to wait years to see the effects of such a policy. Police unions have the power to demonstrate the reality of the Left’s proposals immediately.
There are a little over 300 American cities with a population of over 100,000. All of those cities have fairly large police forces and/or sheriff’s offices that provide basic public safety functions. The various sheriffs and police union heads in these jurisdictions should coordinate with one another to go on strike at the same date and time. The resulting lawlessness and chaos would be overwhelming and impossible to control. Law enforcement and their allies would then be able to extract major concessions in exchange for restoring order. Such concessions could include state or Federal pardons for  all wrongfully convicted officers (i.e., Daniel Holtzclaw, Michael Slager, et cetera), ending so-called criminal justice reform, and the building of more prisons to house more offenders.  There are already signs of discontent, including a major sick-out in Atlanta, where Officer Garret Rolfe is being held without bail for doing his duty, and calls for a strike in New York.[Messages call for NYPD July 4th strike to protest anti-police climate ,by Stephanie Pagones, Fox News,June 18, 2020]
Boston had a police strike in 1919, and then Massachusetts Governor Calvin Coolidge had to call in the National Guard to stabilize the situation. He fired the striking cops, but such a solution in a nationwide strike would be impossible from a practical standpoint. There are simply not enough National Guardsman or potential new law enforcement hires. 
The recent BLM/Antifa riots have demonstrated that the public will pay a large price for social peace. It is about time that law enforcement informs the public that the bill is past due.

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