A NY State Reader Suggests “Respectable” Conservatives Might Support Deporting DREAM Act Students If We Called It “Collateral Damage”
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Re: James Fulford’s article Kevin Williamson and NRO vs. Federale (And The American People)

From: Heisenberg [Email him]

In a recent article James Fulford covered how "sympathetic" the writers at NRO are to the children being deported (and/or denied benefits) due to the actions of their law-breaking, illegal immigrant parents. 

I think it might help NRO, Rick Perry, and other "respectable conservatives" if they thought of these children as "collateral damage." You see, these same people show little to no concern when Muslim children are killed as a result of the "War on Terror."  

When it comes to the "War on Terror", collateral damage is just assumed as a given.  The greater good requires that some innocents be sacrificed to bring the "evil doers to justice."  So using this logic the greater good (the survival of America) requires that some children of illegal immigrants be deported when we bring their parents to justice (by deporting them and/or denying them benefits).

 I recommend that VDARE.com start pushing this idea of "collateral damage" into the immigration debate.  Of course, I don't expect NRO (and/or other "respectable conservatives") to embrace this idea—because it supports the interests of the American people and not the globalist, corporate, and Israeli interests that they represent.

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