Perry Steps On Foreign Policy Landmine: Will MSM Really Ignore?
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I commented earlier today in Politico Recognizes: On Immigration, GOP Center Of Gravity Has Shifted that

"Perry and his people, meanwhile, are clearly out of their depth."

One reason for saying this which I did not cite from the Politico story was a curious proposal the Governor made on sending  U.S. troops into Mexico to deal with—not illegal immigration, but drug trafficking. This has now gone viral abroad: Rick Perry suggests US military role in Mexico drug war October 1 2011 is presently the 5th most popular story on the BBC website.

On the merits of this idea, there is no point in duplicating what has to say in Perry’s Talking Tough (and Sounding Stupid)

"Perry has the same quality that really disgusted me in John McCain: allowing his aggressiveness to substitute for brains on matters of foreign policy…

Anyone who has read a single book about Mexico and its history knows that this is a nonstarter. Mexicans are paranoid about American power after their loss of territory at the conclusion of the Mexican-American War. They are probably the least friendly and cooperative country in Latin America…

Perhaps Perry does not understand that people in other countries, unlike him, actually care who is in their country, who runs its, and whether foreigners are undermining their country’s cultural and territorial integrity.

…Republicans are weary of our middle eastern wars. We certainly don’t want an unnecessary one with Mexico… Republicans’ opposition to amnesty was the most significant cause of their breach with George W. Bush. A little tough talk won’t change anything. More important, this tough talk shows that his understanding of Mexico is completely superficial."

I find it curious that the American MSM is so little interested in this story, another landmine, which raises extremely serious issues as to Perry’s ability to handle foreign policy. It is not even on Drudge.

Maybe orders are that even indirectly questioning the concept of America intervening in foreign countries is forbidden.

A capacity which has to be preserved, for some reason?

Of course, the whole problem would be better dealt with by a suitable fence.

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