A WA Reader Proposes A Trade With Mexico: Stop The Illegal Immigration And We'll Stop The Guns
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From: Brian Riordan (e-mail him)

According to CBS News, Mexico's President Felipe Calderon called on the U.S. to stop sending Mexico firearms. The CBS article also states that the Brookings Institute calculates that 2,000 guns enter Mexico from the U.S. each day.

However, our ally Fred Elbel of the Colorado Alliance for Immigration Reform estimates that 12,000 Mexicans cross illegally into the U.S. each day. Elbel's article references a Bear Stearns study that found about 8 percent of all employed workers in the U.S. are illegal aliens.

Notice how close that 8 percent is to current unemployment figures. Minus illegal aliens, our unemployment rate might not be so bad.

Also worthy of note is that the non-partisan Judicial Watch found that illegal alien gangs commit the majority of America's violent crimes.

Considering the Steve Sailer articles detailing the part played by Mexican immigrants in the mortgage meltdown and Ed Rubenstein's study showing that California would have a budget surplus minus the cost of illegals, it's clear that Mexico gets a better deal from us than we do from them.

Our country is full of guns and they cause little problem—actually they help prevent crime.

Indeed, my 86-year-old mother told me today that her house is full of guns—and she's never done a drive-by shooting.

Mexico's problem isn't that it is full of American guns but rather that Mexico is full of Mexicans.

If only President Obama would put the true interests of the U.S. first, he would tell Calderon we would gladly stop the 2,000 guns each day from the U.S. in return for his stopping the 12,000 illegals each day from Mexico—and a triple fence across the entire border would do much to stop both kinds of smuggling.

Riordan, while living in New Mexico, learned about Mexico's corruption and does not want it to "dominate our country." He is married to a legal immigrant who is "a proud American." His previous letters are archived here.

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