A NY Reader Admires Tancredo; Rejects Standard Pablum on Racial Diversity
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Re: "Tom Tancredo At American University: Maybe It Is About Race" by Cooper Sterling

Cooper Sterling's analysis of Tom Tancredo's speech at American University was excellent.

I admire Tancredo's work on the immigration issue, but like many other politicians he reverts back to the standard pablum on racial and ethnic diversity.

Of the Republicans who ran for the nomination last year, I believe only Ron Paul was willing to put civil rights laws in their proper context of depriving individuals of liberty.

Hope to see more of your articles on VDARE.COM in the future.

Cooper Sterling replies: The main point is that Tancredo, an individual who deserves recognition for his commitment on immigration issues, didn't have to kowtow to an audience overwhelmingly unsympathetic to his views. He could have followed Ron Paul''s lead and stated unapologetically his core beliefs without clarifying to his opponents time and again what he supposedly doesn't accept.

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