A Canadian Reader Explains Toronto's Immigration Problem
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From: Bruce J. Wellington (email him)

Here's the Canadian immigration situation in a paragraph.

In the last 19 years some 1.5 million foreigners have been moved into the Greater Toronto Area. In the City of Toronto—half of the greater area—the child poverty rate arched up to 37 percent in 1997 and was at 32 percent in the 2006 Census.

It's unacceptable. Toronto is the economic heartland of Canada. The only thing successive Immigration Department cabinet ministers—about 10 of them now—knew is that the Department brief tells them immigrants bring skills, ideas and energy. The Immigration Department's data were a pack of lies sold as politically correct reasoning. The Immigration Department is dysfunctional, comparable to the bankrupt banks we currently see around the world. The federal Human Resources Department has been a hand maiden to the process. 

Mr. Wellington is a Toronto-based activist who's worked on immigration issues for some nineteen years.

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