A NY Media Consultant Laughs At Hispanic Effort To Boycott Lou Dobbs
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10/29/09 - A California Reader Is Disgusted By CNN's Illegal Alien Shill Soledad O'Brien

From: Russell Bell (e-mail him)

Re: Brenda Walker's Column: Hands (And Especially Bullets) Off Lou Dobbs!

What's laughable about the Hispanic call to boycott corporations that sponsor Lou Dobbs Tonight is that similar measures over the last several years have been colossal failures. [Will boycott against CNN's Lou Dobbs work?, by Andres Oppenheimer, [Email him] Miami Herald, September 9, 2009.]

One thing you must say about the immigration enthusiasts is that once they identify a strategy that fails, as they have with amnesty, they stick to it like glue.

Bell's previous letter about the CNN flop Latino in America is here.

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