A California Reader Is Disgusted By CNN's Illegal Alien Shill Soledad O'Brien
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10/28/09 - A Houston Accountant Outlines His Plan To Stop Illegals Giving Birth In The U.S.

From: Roxan Tiscareno (e-mail her)

Re: A NY Media Consultant Calls CNN's Latino In America Special A Flop

CNN's so called documentary is nothing more than a propaganda piece hosted by media prostitute and illegal alien shill Soledad O'Brien.

O'Brien's half truths included a lack of reporting from Mexico on how that nation treats its immigrants (harshly before kicking them back to Central America) compared to how America does (with medical care and sundry other kindnesses). 

Worse, O'Brien never mentioned Aztlan, La Raza, MEChA, la Voz de Aztlan, the Mexica Movement. CNN refused to show the scope of pro-illegal immigrant marches with aliens waving Mexican flags and chanting "Si, se puede." 

I was so disgusted that I couldn't watch it all. I was afraid I was going to break my television by because I wanted to throw something at O'Brien.

Tiscareno, a medical transcriber, has lived in California since the mid-1960s. She writes that she has been a witness to the state's precipitous decline since its beginning.

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