A Mississipi Reader Asks If America Is Ready To Reject The Supreme Court's Supreme Rule
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Re: Washington Watcher's SCOTUS On Arizona’s SB 1070: A Victory…If Immigration Patriots Can Make It One

From A Mississipi Reader [Email him]

An effective canard that establishment Republicans have used over the years to convince traditional conservatives to vote for their underwhelming presidential nominees is to claim that even a bad Republican will send better nominees to the all-important Supreme Court than the Democrats.

And traditional conservatives keep falling for it.

The decision in Arizona v. U.S., written by a Republican nominee (Anthony Kennedy was nominated by Ronald Reagan)and joined by the Chief Justice that gullible conservatives once championed, is a total, unmitigated debacle. There is no possible way to sugarcoat it. The federal government has refused to do anything about the hordes of third-world aliens overrunning our country. Now the Supreme Court says that States aren’t allowed to do anything either.

This must not stand.

The estimated number of illegal aliens here ranges from 12-20 million. To put that in perspective, only about 600,000 African slaves were ever brought to America. Think about that for a second.

These aliens are overwhelming the American nation, changing our culture and identity forever, devouring our children’s birthright.

The radical leftists of the Democratic party welcome this. The greedy elites of the Republican party shrug and accept it as a cost of doing business. Meanwhile it is Americans—white, working-class, Christian Americans—who get pushed out of their jobs, their schools, and their neighborhoods.

We know Mitt Romney is not the answer. At this point, unless Romney does something unexpected like select Pat Buchanan or Kris Kobach as his running mate, wild horses won’t be able to drag me to the polls on election day. But the harder truth is that no candidate will ever be the answer.

The answer must come from outside of the rigged political process. The Mexicans didn’t patiently lobby the consulate for more visas to be issued, they just came here and had babies. Like them, we need to understand that this great question of our age will not be decided by speeches and majority decisions, but action.

If Arizona v. U.S. doesn’t wake us up from our national hibernation and cause us to rise up and reject the system that would bring about such a decision, what will it take?

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