A North Carolina Reader Shares NCFIRE's Triumph Over Mexican Meddlers
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07/11/10 - An Arizona Reader Calls Mexico World's Most Hypocritical Country

From: James Johnson: (e-mail him)

I'm delighted to share this happy news with my patriotic immigration reform friends across America

I recently received a press release from Fayetteville Technical Community College president Dr. J. Larry Keen's office notifying me that the campus visit scheduled by the Mobile Mexican consulate on July 17 has been cancelled in large part because of the North Carolinians For Immigration Reform and Enforcement's statewide protest.

Since the Mexican consulate engages in an ongoing subversive effort, our organization's fight is not over.

Each year it targets 10-12 specific North Carolina community colleges as well as local obscure churches in attempt to promote its agenda. We have been contesting them for over a year at numerous locations, from Brunswick County to Buncombe County.

The Mexican government has more events planned. Wherever they go, we will be right behind.

James Johnson is the founder and co-president of NCFIRE.

Joe Guzzardi comments: Our Allan Wall first reported on the insidious mobile consulates in 2003. As Wall feared, the idea of sending the consulates on the road to promote matricula consular cards and advise illegal aliens how to access various taxpayer funded services became commonplace across the United States.

Obviously, a community college, which is fully funded by North Carolina taxpayers, is a totally inappropriate venue for Mexican government interlopers.

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