Former New York Community College Professor Applauds `Beyond Taco Night`
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From:  R. G. Coyne (e-mail him)

Re: Cooper Sterling's Beyond Taco Night

I just read your "Beyond Taco Night" piece on VDARE. Good points all the way around.

I taught for at least four years at the community college level in the New York and New Jersey areas and was canned several times for various irregularities—such as passing four out of twenty-six students on a regular basis as well as reverse racism.

I would be a professor right now—engaging students with my skills as a speaker—were it not for this occupational hell hole. You may find me today selling books at a book table on the streets of New York City, but I am not complaining as I do enjoy selling books. Due to the recent economic depression my online sales are zero, so the street is the only alternative.

My supervisor in the developmental English program at Union County College (which is just a community college that has gained authorization to call itself a college) was fully on board in pushing the undereducated through without merit.

I assume these professors make over $100k per year. These tenured educators are the most conservative people in our society—their job is to protect their own employment. They do not actually work, either: they teach as little as possible, perhaps two courses per semester. Committee and chairmanships allow them to avoid teaching.

This is the risk: in the end supervisors and sub-supervisors will dominate at institutions, such as hospitals, who cannot write demerit complaints on problematic new hires. The result is that incompetent employees never get fired. It takes typically six write-ups to bring a person to the table. In time there will be a bunch of non-comps, fully arrogant and swaggering about the hallways answering their cell phones when other duty requires their presence.

Coyne sells antiquarian books in New York City.

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