A New York Reader Comments on Paul Gottfried, Ida Magli and the EUicide of the West
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A Non-WASP Reader Reflects On The Great Guzzardi

A New York Reader Writes:

Kudos for an excellent piece by Paul Gottfried citing Ida Magli's "Tutto Esaurito" essay. Magli is an anthropologist by trade and I won't dispute Gottfried's characterization of her as left-wing, but I think VDARE.COM partisans might find her a kindred spirit, and not only with respect to immigration. Her cultural anthropologist's eye makes her a cultural conservationist in many ways, especially in her vocal hostility to the nation-destroying European Union.

I knew nothing about her until 1997. When I lived in London, I often worked in Italy. While in Rome working on a bank privatization deal (rather like a very long root canal operation), I escaped one day to La Rinascente to do some shopping. As I browsed, the title of a paperback caught my eye: "Contro L'Europa" (Against Europe). I remember thinking it must be just another leftist rant against Western Civilization or Christendom, but picked it up anyway. Then I could read the subtitle: "Tutto quello che non vi hanno detto di Maastricht" (Everything they haven't told you about Maastricht [the treaty, not the town]). I suspected this was a book after my own heart, and bought it. It is.

Contro L'Europa is a passionate and elegantly argued case against the ruthless centralization and homogenizing of Western Europe that is the EU's object. She clearly sees, and plainly says, that the EU can only succeed (in Eurocrat terms) by destroying the nation-states that are its members, and their distinct national cultures with them. Among the many things she ridicules is the reflexive anti-Americanism of so many bien-pensant Euros.

The book is in Bompiani's "Saggi Tascabile" series. I do not know if it has been translated into English. VDARE.COM readers interested in the truth about the coming Euro-State could learn a lot from it. Given the overwhelming dominance of pro-EU propaganda in Italy, Contro L'Europa was a cage-rattler for Italy comparable to Alien Nation (what else?) here.

The site to which Gottfried's piece is linked (www.italianiliberi.it) is a goldmine of Euroskeptic polemic. Ida Magli is an ally in the fight.

October 28, 2001

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