A New York Reader Thinks That VDARE.com Is (A) Ridiculous And (B) Demographics Will Make Us A Minority—Which Was OUR Point!
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 From: Elliot Stamler [Email Him]

The Internet is truly amazing-it gives every group including every fringe element, iconoclast, and just plain wacko the chance to expound their views—usually to each other. This goes for the left and the right. I just finished stumbling on VDARE.com—your site. It is not my purpose to begin a dialog with you. 

I will simply write as I have written often to the assortment of right-wingers whose views I come across: you are in for great disappointments far exceeding your angry disappointment at this point in time. 

Your views and those of your fellow fulminators simply are not agreed with by a majority of Americans and with each passing year demographics turn you more and more into a minority. The radical right of all stripes of which you are one variety (the Tea Party being the most visible) will decline not into oblivion, because this country has always had political lunatics, but because with each passing year your views are disliked and contemned by more and more people. 

Your site which uses phrases like the "Treason Lobby" has no idea of how utterly ridiculous as well as offensive you are to most sensible people. I myself am a centrist and a moderate...but I guess to people like you I am an amalgam of FDR and Karl Marx. 

When the Republicans go down to yet another national defeat in2016 with whichever neo-fascist or reactionary they nominate it won't of course change your thinking any more than the thinking is changed of the pathetic Communists and Marxists in their myriad Communist organizations still, in 2014, squabbling with each other over Lenin, Trotsky, Kautsky, Bakunin etc. etc. while babbling about the Marxist revolution in America which will never happen. You, Mr. Brimelow and your fellow lunatic-fringers are about as likely to bring about the kind of America you want as the communist nuts are. Have a nice day.

Elliot Stamler is an internet fulminator in New York. Check out his  Yahoo and Disqus fulminations, which show him to be an amalgam of FDR, Karl Marx, and the kind of man who won’t shut up at parties.

James Fulford writes: Our views on the need to restrict immigration are those of most Americans. See “Far-Right” Immigration Opinions Are MAINSTREAM, Dammit! By Thomas Martel on February 3, 2014. For why Mr. Stamler might think they're not, see Sam Francis's column Poll Exposes Elite-Public Clash On Immigration. (Although I think if Mr. Stamler were really a member of the elite, he would be spending less time in comment boxes.) I'll point out that is comment about demographics turning us "more and more into a minority " is implicitly conceding Peter Brimelow's point  that race is destiny in American politics.”

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