A New York Reader Notes That Thanks To The Kennedy Clan, Cape Cod's Imported Labor Is All White
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From: Tom McCarthy: (e-mail him)

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: More Cape Cod Clamoring For Cheap Labor

Guzzardi and I had a brief correspondence about five years ago concerning non-immigrant visa summer labor brought in to Cape Cod, courtesy of Teddy Kennedy.

I have spent time on the Cape every summer for the past thirty years, thanks to the graciousness of an old school chum.

Little has changed in that scenario.

It is droll, though, to see that because of Kennedy's concern for his own clan's well-being, the alien help he allows in comes, not from Nigeria, Kenya, or Cambodia, but from Russia, Albania, the Czech Republic, or Bulgariathe most recent source of cheap summer workers.

That is to say, the Cape's summer help industry imports are all white kids.

Joe Guzzardi comments: Interestingly, McCarthy's letter arrived at the same time as a news item saying that for the second year in a row, the Cape would have fewer foreign-born H-2B visa workers.[Cape Loses Foreign Workers for Second Year, by Sarah Shemkus, Cape Cod Times, January 8, 2009]

The story's most interesting part is that employers said that now that they are more experienced (from last year) in staffing without non-immigrant visa labor, they are better prepared to cope this year.

Reading between the lines, without foreign-born workers, hotels and restaurants hired more Americans and summer 2008 went off without a glitch.

Simply put: if foreign-born workers aren't around to be hired, the leisure industry is forced to look elsewhere.

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