A Pennsylvania Reader Says The Hill's Silla Brush Should Have Asked Questions About Amnesty
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From: Bob Oldis (e-mail him)

Re: Randall Burns' Blog: Obama's First 100 Days, Immigration And The GOP

Burns quoted Ali Noorani, executive director of the National Immigration Forum:

"I think immigration is shaping up to be an issue that he is going to face a consensus of pressure. There is no reason a number of administrative actions can't be put into place in the first 100 days." [Obama to Face Critical Immigration Test Early,  by Silla Brush, The Hill, December 31, 2008]

Naturally, Noorani and ethnocentric lobbyists will continue to say outrageous things like this as long as they can get someone to listen and quote them. like the silly reporter Silla Brush.

Noorani's statement is annoying but also meaningless.

First, the "consensus" is on our side.

And, second, there are multiple "reasons" that "administrative actions can't be put into place,"—e.g., the economy, the unemployment rate, the Wall Street and auto industry collapse, etc.

Apparently, according to her story, Brush tried to get a comment from Obama's transition team but without success.

However, while Brush had Noorani on the phone, she should have grilled him for his foolish comment. [e-mail Noorani here.]

Brush apparently doesn't understand that her job description includes probing her subjects and not merely reporting everything they say without challenge.

Oldis is a sports medicine consultant.

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