A Maryland Reader Says Gov. Martin O'Malley, Venezuela's Hugo Chavez Funding Illegal Alien Agitators
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From: Judy Bach (e-mail her)

Re: Today's Letter: A Maryland Reader Says American Patriot Got A Raw Deal From Court

If anyone wonders where American jobs went, look no further than Maryland for an excellent example.

The radical, pro-illegal alien ethnocentric organization CASA de Maryland has been given a big mansion in Montgomery County funded in part by Maryland taxpayer dollars. To see the extent of it illegal immigration advocacy, look closely at the slide slow at the right on CASA's homepage.

There is a groundbreaking ceremony on Monday October 27 with Gov. O'Malley, Sen. Mikulski and Congresswoman Donna Edwards attending. O'Malley has authorized at least $2 million dollars for CASA this year.

And Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez gave them $1.5 million .[Casa de Maryland Set to Accept $1.5 Million from Venezuela-Owned Citgo Petroleum, by Sarah Raymond, Examine.com, August 8, 2008]

Here's the complete list of donors. 

This is the corruption that not only the convicted patriot Walter Abbott must face but all of us in Maryland.

CASA gets whatever it wants—while American workers get the shaft.

Bach is the Baltimore County Coordinator for Help Save Maryland.

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