A New Jersey Reader Says Russia Isn't The Problem—Mexico Is!
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From: Pete Redner: (e-mail him)

I read a news item saying that John McCain got a bump in the polls because people perceive that he'll be tougher with Russia than Barack Obama.

Who cares?

It isn't Russia that's exporting infected vegetables to the U.S.

Russia doesn't interfere with the American legal system, tell us how to run our federal immigration policy or send its miscreants into the U.S.

And Russia isn't the country that uses the U.S. as a relief valve for its multiple social problems.

Mexico does all those things.

So the question isn't what McCain will do about Russia but what he'll do about Mexico.

Will McCain grant amnesty to every last illegal alien and work to open the borders? Or will he finally side with the American people and enforce immigration law?

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