A Kansas Reader Notes Venezuelan-Born Chicago White Sox Manager Ozzie Guillen's Flip-flop On Arizona Boycott
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From: Melvin McGaha (e-mail him)

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: Joe To Bud Selig, Major League Baseball—Steer Clear Of Immigration Politics

Obnoxious, Venezuelan-born Chicago White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen is shooting his mouth off again.

First, he insisted that he would not attend the 2011 All-Star game if it is held in Arizona as a protest against S.B. 1070.

Now that, as Joe Guzzardi predicted in his column [above], Commissioner Bud Selig announced that he will not move it, Guillen claims he was misquoted and would only stay away from the All-Star game because he "doesn't like" it.

About S.B. 1070, Guillen added: "It's not my business." [It's Not Arizona, It's the All-Star Game Guillen Doesn't Like, by Mark Gonzales, Chicago Tribune, May 14, 2010]

The harsh reality is that with Guillen's White Sox again underperforming colossally, he'll likely be out of baseball by next summer.

What a bore he is.

McGaha's previous letter about Guillen is here.

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