An Arizona Reader Says His Border Neighbors Are Peaceful But Practical People
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From: William McCawley (e-mail him)

Re: Brenda Walker's Blog: Border Sheriff Says Violence In His Region Is Out Of Control

All of my neighbors in rural Arizona are armed as am I. Unless you are the most trusting person in the state, in these parts you must be able to protect yourself.

Waiting for the police to intercede is foolishness. This is ranch country, not New York that has a precinct on every corner.

If our liberal government wants to ignore danger by continuing to let illegal aliens waltz into the country, so be it.

But the smart folk around here know better. We took the advice of Sheriff Alvin West: we're armed. 

We're God-fearing, peaceful people.None of us is looking for trouble. But if trouble looks for us, at least we'll have a chance.

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