A Beltway Insider Explains Senator John Kyl
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06/30/10 - An Arizona Reader Wonders If Reporter Daniel Gonzales Can Be Charged With Aiding And Abetting Illegal Aliens

From: "The Spirit Of The Fighting 69th" (e-mail him)

Re: An Illinois Reader Wonders When John Kyl Became Such An Ally

To answer letter writer Lee Small's question about Kyl's newfound commitment to patriotic immigration reform, it is directly related to the probability that he's correctly gauged Arizona's outrage over illegal immigration.

With John McCain in danger of losing his August Senate primary race to J.D. Hayworth and with S.B. 1070 popular statewide, Kyl may be worried about his own political future.

The writer is the winner of the 2007 VDARE.COM War on Christmas Competition.

Joe Guzzardi comments: As James Fulford noted in his footnote to Small's letter, Kyl is certainly feeling the political heat.

What's interesting is that Kyl's reelection bid doesn't come around until 2012. Kyl's obviously getting a head start by aligning himself with the patriots on what will still be a red hot topic two years from now—illegal immigration.

And Kyl should be nervous. In 2006, he only received an unimpressive 53 percent of the vote against a virtual unknown, Jim Pederson.

Looking ahead, Kyl should anticipate a much tougher race possibly against J.D. Hayworth should Hayworth lose his bid to unseat McCain.  

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