A Reader Objects To Indians (And Others) Banging On The Imperialist Door
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08/10/10 - A "Native American Rights Activist" Demands James Fulford Be Fired; He Replies

From: An Anonymous Reader [Email him]

Re: An Indian-American Reader Says We're Biased; James Fulford Replies

I marvel at those from India and other lands beyond the seas who wanted their independence from the white imperial powers.  They got it, but don't want to stay and build their own lands.  The first thing they do is bang on the imperialist door and demand to be let in. "Yankee go home, but take me with you" is their mantra. Raj is typical of the Third World: they didn't want the white man at home, but now want to displace him in his and complain about it. Nothing is forcing Raj to stay, except perhaps that he knows that India's greatest export is communicable disease.  

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