A Montana Reader Says Trade and Immigration Are "Fascism" And "Marxism"
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From: Stewart While (e-mail him)

Re: Peter Brimelow's Column: Building The New Majority: Peter Brimelow's Speech To American Cause

Brimelow not only let the opposition state the case for trade but also the language used in the argument.

The financial sector has controlled the economic debate for quite some time, mainly because no one challenges it.

Democrats and Republicans are willing to give their masters anything they need to maintain that control. They migrate to where the money is.

Referring to Pat Buchanan, Brimelow wrote:

 "Then there's the trade question. It has always irritates me as a financial journalist when Pat talks about trade. For one thing, I think that he ought to be talking about immigration. That's a far more important issue. I mean, no one throws bricks at you when you talk about tariffs. It's immigration that provokes the riots—it's much more exciting. Fundamentally, economics is a boring issue, you know. I have to write about it for a living, but it is fundamentally boring."

Brimelow and Buchanan should call immigration and trade what they really are: economic Fascism and cultural Marxism.

White is semi-retired. Before moving to Montana, he lived in New Jersey where he worked as a computer operator for more than twenty years.

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