A New Hampshire Reader Explains Senator Edward M. Kennedy's Liberalism
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From: John Connor (e-mail him)

Re: Patrick Cleburne's Blog: Senator Edward Kennedy: A Disaster For His Country

Ted Kennedy's liberalism, most specifically regarding amnesty for illegal aliens, is a direct result of his guilt over Mary Jo Kopechne's death. 

Kopecne was a devout Roman Catholic and a Civil Rights activist who in 1962 had moved to Montgomery, Alabama to teach at the Mission of St. Jude. 

As dedicated members of Robert Kennedy's 1968 presidential staff, Kopechne and her fellow "Boiler Room Girls" were young idealists who almost certainly would have advocated for greater rights for immigrants, had that been a topic at the time.

As Kennedy grew older, he likely became increasingly overwhelmed by his guilt and tried to make amends to Kopechne by voting "compassionately" for amnesty.

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