A MO Reader Wonders Why MSU Expects Him To "Improve The Reception" Of Saudi Students—After Rape, Murder Charges?
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From Vincent McGregor [Email him]

A pair of Saudis studying at Missouri State University drugged, abducted and raped a woman last month.  [2 arrested in alleged assault, kidnapping, by Kathryn Wall, Springfield News Leader, June 3, 2013] This horrific crime is the third in a series of crimes committed by Saudi students attending MSU.  Of the 244 Saudis at MSU, four have been involved in serious crimes against persons during a single semester.  One has been indicted  on homicide charges, another attempted to choke a woman to death, and these two are now accused of rape. 

Speaking to the Springfield News Leader, Stephen Robinette [Email him] MSU’s associate vice president of the school’s international program, explained that the police department would be part of future international student orientation programs. 

Do university officials truly believe the problem is that no one took the time to explain to these poor chaps that in America drugging, abducting and raping women is considered impolite?

“Certainly, all three of those are very serious incidents,” Robinette said.

But he said he does not believe Saudi students are different from other international students who, in general, do well in Springfield.

“It is random,” he said. “It is not just associated with Saudi students.”

Robinette, when questioned, said he has seen no evidence Saudi male students have a lack of respect for women.

Police may talk to new foreign students| MSU aims to prevent incidents like the one in which 2 are charged by Steve Pokin, Springfield News-Leader, June 4, 2013, Emphases added throughout.

Of course, violent crime against women is not the sole province of Saudi exchange students. But this series of crimes was associated just with Saudi students and certainly seems typical of the notorious lack of respect for women in their homeland. 

If Mr. Robinette is to be believed, and the Saudi students are no different from other international students, one would expect to find that 57 international students raped, murdered, or attempted to murder a local each year. 

This is certainly not the case. 

Furthermore, if Saudi students are no different than the general population of Springfield, then one would expect to find that 2,624 violent crimes had been committed in Springfield during the first five months of this year.  But according to the Missouri Uniform Crime Reporting Program, the actual number was 473. 

In other words, Saudi students are committing acts of violence (particularly against women) at 5 ½ times the rate of locals.

The story continued:

“The thing I would tell you is that in the 13-plus years that I have worked with international students, I have never had an international student come and complain about the treatment they have received in the community,” Robinette said.

“Now, we are looking to the community to help us improve the reception of these international students,” he said.

If not one international student has ever complained about the treatment they have received in the community, one can reasonablyinfer that the community has been entirely receptive.  Exactly how does Robinette expect us to "improve the reception"? How could that change the fact that men who live the first 20 years of their lives immersed in the culture and religion of Saudi Arabia possess an utter lack of respect for women?

MSU wants to import hundreds of young Saudis each year because the millions of dollars available are too great a temptation. Avarice and Political Correctness are trumping common sense and public safety.

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