A Houston Reader Catches The WSJ With Its Statistics Down
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From: George Weinbaum [e-mail him]

The  Wall Street Journal has a 29 July article A Scientific Case for Immigration's Benefits by Peter Coclanis (PC for short. How appropriate.)  PC notes "Ten of the 13 recipients (77%) of Simons Investigators awards are immigrants to the U.S.".  So?  I note the countries they came from: Vietnam (2), Iran (1), India (3), Romania (1), Poland (1), Russia (1) and China (1). [Simons Foundations Investigators Award report.]

Interesting.  Not one from: Mexico, South America or Africa

I have an idea: give each prospective immigrant an IQ test.  If he gets over 130, he's in.  But wait: that would show "disparate impact" wouldn't it?

Why won't Americans study science anyway?

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James Fulford writes:  I don’t suppose any of the  Simons Foundations grantees were undocumented  valedictorians, either. The answer to our reader’s final question is in the title of an Ed Rubenstein column: Why Americans Don't Study Science—It Doesn't Pay.


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