A Concerned Reader On Kobach On Gun Control
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A Concerned Reader [Email him]

This story [Kris Kobach adds gun rights to his political arsenal, by Brad Cooper, The Kansas City Star, July 23, 2013] implies Kris Kobach's immigration stance is not popular so he has moved to guns 

I think the most cynical way to look at it is that the voters are stupid and think the gun issue determines who is most conservative. The same people who think that Rubio is more conservative than Mike Enzi.

Pat Buchanan and Larry Pratt of Gun Owners Of America were the first Republicans back in the 1990s to really position themselves to the right on the gun issue and they have always been anti-illegal.

James Fulford writes: No need for cynicism: Kris Kobach is Secretary of State for Kansas. As such, he’s supposed to defend his “people” (the citizens of Kansas) from Eric Holder, who is the aggressor on gun control as well as on illegal immigration.

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