A Texas Reader Says "So Long" to the Lone Star State
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From: [Name Withheld]

I'm moving to Wichita, Kansas this month.  Unless things are better immigration wise in Kansas than they are in Texas, this will be the last stand for me in the U.S.

I hope to make enough money to relocate to an as yet unchosen international location. This would be sad because, about fifty years ago, I grew up in a small town ninety miles from Wichita. 

There is little hope that any type of shift will occur that can reverse America's course toward multiculturalism. Eventually, it will be obvious that the U.S. is a failed nation and it will breakup into its ethnic pieces. 

Even my young son can precisely identify ethnic differences.  He calls mixed blood mestizos "Mexicans".  Europeans from Spain he calls "Spanish."  Would that our politicians were so accurate.

Nevertheless, VDARE.COM's efforts to raise awareness among Americans is worthwhile

So long Texas, I'll see you in Hell!

Peter Brimelow comments: As a legal immigrant who has just married a girl from Texas, I find the situation described by our reader really irritating.

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