A Missouri Reader Isn’t Enthusiastic About Hispanic Immigration Even It’s Legal
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Re: Allan Wall’s Memo From Middle America (Formerly Known As Memo From Mexico) | Is Hispandering Necessary?

From: Wesley McGranor [Email him]

I find the whole illegal versus legal immigration debate to be a rationalization—dodging the concern of Hispanic culture infiltrating America. As a nativist I realize that Mexico’s old world traditions, Mexican Catholicism, and  other social elements are detrimental anyway. Pandering to them only creates a fantastic impression that they are assimilated and compatible.

See a previous letter from Wesley McGranor.

James Fulford writes: There are actually two separate arguments here. The United States government should prevent an illegal invasion from any source whatever, including White Anglo Saxon Protestants. (This, after all, is what the War Of 1812 was.)

However, if the United States government decided to act like EVERY OTHER GOVERNMENT IN THE WORLD and pick and choose which immigrants got in, Mexico is not the place  it would pick first.

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