A Utah Reader Notes Public Response To The AP's Hispanic Hype
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Re: James Fulford's Blog post: Hispanic Hype In The National Media: Even If Every Single Hispanic Voted Democratic, It Wouldn’t Change The Results As Much As A Small Shift In The White Vote

From: "Anonymous from Utah"[Email him]

The following link is the typical leftist hand wringing article about how Republican presidential candidates are alienating Hispanics by taking positions against illegal immigration:Anti-immigration tone alienating Hispanics, By JERI CLAUSING, Associated Press,  January 15, 2012.

The article isn't worth much. However, the comments section is worth looking at.

So far, almost 15,000 comments have been posted. Most appear to support the anti-illegal immigration position. Even better, the thumbs up or thumbs down responses by readers are overwhelming against illegal immigration. 800+ thumbs up against 20 thumbs down is not uncommon.

Gives me hope we will eventually win this battle. Keep up the good work!

[James Fulford writes: We're calling this "Hispanic Hype"—as indicated by my post above, most of the MSM writers insisting on the necessity of the Hispanic vote simply haven't bothered to count the number of potential voters.]

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