A Mississippi Reader Says Even The Lowest-Paying Jobs Are Tough To Get
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From: John Preston (e-mail him)

Even jobs in Mississippi that are historically the most arduous and backbreaking, like picking cotton, are increasingly hard to find.

According to American-born farm worker Danny Randle: "It just ain't no jobs around here. So you have to kinda stick with what you got, whether you like it or not."

And 25-year-old Chris Moore who lives in the poor, rural town of Tchula and, until recently, worked full-time at a cotton gin, summarizes his plight this way: "Right about now, we'd be out there working. But now, we laid off." (Listen here to Low-Pay Agriculture Jobs Harder to Get)

When Mississippians hear that California Senator Dianne Feinstein re-introduced her annual AgJobs Act, we find it tough to swallow. I invite Feinstein to leave her mansion in Pacifica Heights and come visit us.

Jobs Americans won't do? I don't think so. Everyone in Mississippi is hurting.

Preston's previous letter about the failed presidential candidacies of Duncan Hunter and Tom Tancredo is here.

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