Are Horse Types The Most Selfish People In America?
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Horse farm

Horse owner Peckham with conveniently cheap Guatemalan

Perhaps it is the monumental self-indulgence required to engage in the extreme conspicuous consumption ploy of owning horses which seems to make the horsey community so spectacularly and obliviously selfish about demanding cheap immigrant workers for their operations.

Horse-farm owners call immigrants vital, take stand on reform by Rob Ryser Mar 9, 2013 is a classic:

The thriving horse industry in northern Westchester and surrounding towns in the three-county region depends heavily on horse grooms, horse trainers and barn managers from Mexico and Central America to keep business growing.

As barn owners and horse-business owners, we want the system fixed,” said Patricia Peckham, co-owner of Arcadia Farm in Yorktown

Does this sound humane?

Horse grooms earn $500 to $600 a week in take-home pay, with an apartment room included, Peckham said.

For someone from a poor, rural background like Maynor Rene Augustin Fernandez, 42, of Guatemala, it’s worth leaving his wife and five daughters at home to provide for them from here.

“To be separated from my family is (a big) problem for me,” said Augustin Fernandez, the horse farm manager at Arcadia Farm

Westchester County is an extremely wealthy exurb of New York City. The article suggests Peckham staffs her outfit by rotating in Mexicans on 10 month visas.

Of course, the commentators fully understand the situation

Tom Loscalzo  Wealthy enough to own horses, yet they want cheap help to care for them?

Allen Bunch   When farmers, even the elitist horse farmers, when they are finally forced to pay competitive wages and BENEFITS just like other employers, there will be no shortage of legal workers with all the skills they need.

Zach Harrison If you can afford to own horses in upper westchester, you can afford to pay a competitive wage to American employees. These owners should be ashamed to be publicized, I know I would be.

Complain to Patricia Peckham

I first noted this attitude in Help! Helen Krieble's Horse Farm Workers Want To Be Paid Too Much! (Helen Krieble is on the 100% pro Amnesty Immigration panel at the useless CPAC conference this year.)

This story is really the quintessence of the 2013 Amnesty push. The plutocrat class, for its economic and political convenience, is selfishly launching a brutal and vicious assault on their less wealthy fellow citizens. The MSM is cheering them on.

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