A Michigan Reader Points Out That Whoopi Goldberg Has Chosen To Live In One Of The Whitest States In The U.S.
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From: Warren O'Leary (e-mail him)

Re: James Fulford's blog item Whoopi Goldberg Compares Modern Rhetoric On The Right To Talk That "Caused A Lot Of People To Get Lynched"

Happy New Year 2011 A.D.!

Whoopi must really fear white people,   because they are potential lynchers—so much so that she has chosen one of the "White-est" states for her main home-site for many years: Vermont! How does she sleep at night? Wouldn't Harlem or Detroit, or Newark or Camden or St. Louis, etc. allow her to sleep better?

See an earlier letter by Warren O'Leary.

James Fulford writes: I looked up Whoopi's place of birth (the lynching-free area of Chelsea, in Manhattan) but I didn't know that she had a 745 acre ranch in Vermont, near Brattleboro. Of course she does have what millionairesses refer to as a pied-à-terre in Soho—a 3.9 million dollar loft.  

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