A Sea-Borne Reader Writes That The Disney Wonder Is Blocking American Renaissance—But Not VDARE.com
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From: Bruce Bowen [Email him]

Re: James Fulford's article Internet Filters—Private Sector First Amendment Workaround, or Gov't Censorship In Disguise?

Thought you folks might find this interesting. See attached screen capture from 2 minutes ago. I'm on a cruise on the Disney Wonder. I shelled out $100 for 250 minutes of PAID satellite internet and now find that a large fraction of the blogs I like to go to are blocked by Websense.


I complained and Guest Services said they would refund my subscription if I wanted, but since they are a monopoly while at sea I kept it. I can still get to Vdare.com and Sailer.

While in port I can connect to various WiFi's. Please forward this to Jared Taylor. I can't get to his website to post this.


James Fulford writes: The choice to block American Renaissance isn't Disney's (although they are responsible for refusing to sell grown-up internet access to their guests) it's the responsibility of Websense. I mentioned them as one of the major players in web filtering in an article in 2008

"Websense—a large multinational, with offices all over, including the Republic of Ireland. Their site lookup tool is here, and you can phone them at 1 800.723.1166, or email them here. We had to write them a letter at one point, and also submit a change request to their website. Anti-censorware activist Bennett Haselton found in when he checked in 2006 that they classified us as something innocuous—and immediately tried to change that, see my blog And This Is How We Repay Them."

They were also mentioned in 2004 when Allan Wall found he couldn't access VDARE.com through computers provided by the US Army for off-duty use. I wrote

"The most popular supplier of internet censorship products to the US Military is Websense.[Contact them] The same company also services Saudi Arabia, and Communist China."

I have forwarded this to Jared Taylor, and no doubt his lawyers will be talking to their lawyers—that is, if his lawyers aren't too busy extracting million dollar settlements from Fox News.

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