A Reader Has Many Suggestions For What To Call "Birthright" Citizenship (Since It's Not a Birthright)
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From: A Reader [Email him]

Re: James Fulford's Blog Item: "Birthright Citizenship" Actually Stolen Citizenship

My suggestions are:

  • Not-right citizenship or No-right citizenship instead of " birthright"

  • Also Birth-gate, with the natural connections to many other gates…as in ours are wide open for this insanity.

  • Stolen-right citizenship

  • Birth-wrong citizenship comes to mind also.

  • Birth-industry citizenship too.

  • Birth demise citizenship, connotations hopefully picked by the smarter members of the public.

  • Birth-drain citizenship...see above

James Fulford writes: I had written "we do need something else to call it besides 'Birthright.' "Any other suggestions will be gratefully received. [Email me]

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