A Mexican Immigrant Wishes James Fulford A "Happy Heart Desese"
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Re: The Thanksgiving Of A Grateful Nation—And The Ingratitude Of A Few

From: Armando Labra [[email protected]]

Subject: Shame on You for what your kind did to Native Americans

James, Some day your kind will pay for genocide on Native Americans. In the meantime, get fat on turkey. Wishing you a happy heart desese.

James Fulford writes: Ah, but "my kind" never committed genocide against Native Americans, who are still alive and well. Instead, we survived their attempt at genocide. We were just humble immigrants, looking for better life, and all a sudden, there were people jumping out at us with scalping knives and tomahawks. My great-aunt was kidnapped by Indians as late as 1885, and lived to tell about it…as a widow. But that's all past now, and we're all friends again, aren't we? Oops, maybe not.

If you're thinking of donating money to VDARE.com, remember that the government of Mexico is financing the other side, and Señor Labra, who lives in Detroit,  is apparently a part of that, as member of the CCIME, or  Advisory Council to the  Institute for Mexicans Abroad, members of which are elected in the US.

And yes, I am putting on weight, but it's only thanks to the donors to VDARE.com that I can eat at all.

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