A California Reader Wonders Who's Feeding Mamie Manneh's Kids
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Re: Brenda Walker's Blog: Monkey-Eating Diversity On Trial

From: Cristina Smith (e-mail her)

I wonder where Liberian Mamie Manneh's nine children were born and how her family supports them?  [Monkey Meat at Center of NYC Court Case Washington Post. November 24, 2007]

The bigger question is how these how these law-breaking, ignorant, unapologetic people came to America. Most likely they are here compliments of the federal government's idiotic refugee program.

I have had many experiences with hostile African patients from my days working at a hospital.

Once, I admitted a woman with what appeared to be a Nigerian name.

But, when I asked her place of birth, she replied: "Cape Verde"

I knew that Cape Verde is where a lot of fake IDs are manufactured and that Portuguese is spoken there. The woman became very angry when I prodded her.

I asked another patient who appeared to be Nigerian where she was born and she answered: "Africa." I reminded her that Africa is a continent, not a country. She too became indignant, still insisting on "Africa."

Where, I wonder, is the gratitude from these refugees?

Brenda Walker answers Smith's questions: The woman has resided in the U.S. for 25 years, so a good guess is that her nine [! ]children  are little anchor baby citizens. No doubt the taxpayer has been helpful in feeding them and will incur many other costs like education and healthcare.

Diversity ain't cheap!


Smith is a former hospital employee who writes that she has worked for years with immigrant patients from all backgrounds and walks of life who get free medical care on various welfare and Medi-Cal programs. Her previous letter about how illegal aliens become voters is here.

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