A Former California Highway Patrol Officer Calls Barry Goldwater, Jr. "The Latest In A Long List Of RINO Traitors"
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From: Dave Hollenbeck: (e-mail him)

We expect more from Goldwater, Jr., the son of the former Arizona U.S. senator and presidential candidate, Barry.

Instead of being a true conservative like his father, Goldwater is the latest in a long list of RINO traitors.

In his recent opinion column referring to a support Legal Arizona Workers' rally, Goldwater wrote that the event was: "shocking and egregious. Speeches soaked with hateful, angry racist tones and dialogue."

Goldwater added: "…I could have easily mistaken myself to be at one of David Duke's Ku Klux Klan rallies in Baton Rouge, La."

Goldwater charged the leaders of Legal Arizona Workers, his cousin Don and state representative Russell Pearce, as unfair and unreasonable in their opposition to illegal immigration. [Hysteria Over Illegal Immigrants Must End, By  Barry Goldwater, Jr. Arizona Republic, November 25, 2007]

Goldwater is one of the wealthy elitea public and government affairs consultant in Phoenix and a former Los Angeles congressman from 1969-1983.

Like others elites who favor open borders, Goldwater has never been endangered by a illegal alien with skill-challenged driving abilities nor has he seen his income go down because illegal aliens undercut him on labor costs.

Goldwater should have stayed in Los Angeles, a sanctuary city full of those aliens he so admires. 

Hollenbeck worked for more than thirty years as a California Highway Patrol officer in southern California. He is retired and lives in Arizona. Read his previous letter about Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid here and about how illegal aliens get away with it here. Hollenbeck's most recent letter about who wins and who loses when the LAPD were ordered not to impound alien vehicles is here.

To read Hollenbeck's blog, Desert Exile, click here.

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