A Reader Says That Trump Is In Danger Because Of How Threatening He Is To The Violent Left
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From Richard Smith [Email him]

Things are heating up for Trump, and if he gets the nomination an assassination attempt is likely. Remember what happened to Reagan and he was nothing like as threatening to the Left as Trump is.

A Basque group assassinated a Spanish minister by a bomb under the street where the minister was known to drive. We can expect something similar especially if Trump actually gets elected.

It's essential that Trump not be overconfident. He has to crush or at least contain the thugs that in the future will try to disrupt his rallies. He has to have a policy of zero tolerance as the left is very used to getting their way. Strength is necessary as the "righteous" can't be stopped by much more at this point in history. In my book Religion of Macho: Racial Integration, the World-Wide Crime Wave and the Left I say that during the 1960s the left drew a line that whites couldn't cross without danger.

Trump has crossed it in a way that no academic could approach. IQ scientist Arthur Jensen got death threats and had to have a police escort around campus. Regarding his tenure at Berkeley he said to me "I survived." Jensen was just publishing books.

Remember that like the witch hunters of the Middle Ages these people have almost no control over their thoughts and emotions. What we're seeing is Plato's "noble lie" in defense of inverted or pseudo justice turning into noble violence. Malcolm X’s motto was "By any means necessary." We're seeing that right now and it will escalate if it's not stopped. If Trump gets the nomination, we can expect rioting. This kind of righteousness is a constant in history.

As fundamentalists reject scientific facts and support righteous power so does the left. The left feel their immortal souls are at stake so no action is too extreme. The Radical Left has had the moral high ground for 70 years so they won't just bow out but will only go down in a fight. Too much is at stake.

What I'm trying to do here is tie in recent events into my models in the books

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