A Mexican-American Reader Says Senator Durbin Is "Pimping" The DREAM Act For A Larger Amnesty Package
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From: Edgar Martinez (e-mail him)

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: Joe Predicts (Again): No Amnesty This Year—Or Next Year Either

Guzzardi is correct that Illinois Senator Richard Durbin has put the DREAM Act on hold, even though it might have a fighting chance in the Senate, in order to attach it to a mass amnesty bill for millions of aliens

Durbin is willing to sacrifice a few illegal alien students so he can package the mass amnesty as a bill he can deceptively portray as a vehicle to help illegal alien students become doctors or engineers.

If the DREAM Act passes as a free-standing bill, it will only help a much smaller number of illegal aliens. And worse for Durbin, it will be much more difficult to use the sob stories from students to try to convince Americans that a mass amnesty bill is necessary.

I wonder if DREAM Act supporters know that Durbin is pimping their cause?

In the end, no matter what Durbin does, Americans will not support amnesty for illegal aliens be they students or adult workers.

Martinez, a first-generation Mexican opposed to illegal immigration, wrote previously about the assault by Mexican police on Central American border crossers and how the Mexican government suppressed the details surrounding Elvira Arellano's link to it. His letters are here and here.

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