An LA Reader Says Diversity Is Strength—And Also Differing Victory Celebrations
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From: Dick Cole (e-mail him)

Los Angeles Lakers fans have strange—and dangerous—ways of celebrating their team's NBA championship. Looting and vandalism was the name of the game outside Staple's Center. [Chief Blames 'Knuckleheads' for Disturbance, by Daisy Nguyen, Associated Press, June 15, 2009]

Police were called in to disperse thousands of unruly fans. See photo here.

Other photos here and here show these so called fans setting a fire in a trashcan. And in a mob scene photo, a man is pictured destroying a vehicle and another rowdy group rolling a car over.

The total cost to Angelenos: $1 million—a sum, of course, that the city could have spent more usefully in a thousand ways, including keeping some recently laid-off municipal employees on the pay roll.

Meanwhile across the country in Pittsburgh, 375,000 Penguin fans paid tribute to their newly crowned Stanley Cup holders with nary an incident. [Pittsburgh Honors Penguins; 375,000 Pack Downtown to Cheer Stanley Cup Champions, by Ed Blazina, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, June 16, 2009]

Could it be that "diverse" fans have different interpretations of how to express joy at their local team's sports successes?

Cole, a security officer, wrote previously about Roger Cardinal Mahony's "faux humanitarianism" here

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