A Maine Reader Tells Peter Brimelow Where The Mexican Army Is
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March 24, 2003

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From: Karen Huey <[email protected]>

In your statement on the Iraq war, you ask: Where is the Mexican Army? I believe 18,000 of Mexico's troops have been deployed on the U.S. Mexican border if the recent Reuters article (Mexico Increases Security Amid Threat of Terrorism, Reuters via Los Angeles Times, March 19, 2003) is to be believed. DHS Secretary Tom Ridge, answering questions during a press conference announcing implementation of "Operation Victory Shield," said —

"One of the phone calls we made last night was to our counterparts in Canada and Mexico. And even before last night, my counterpart in Mexico, Secretary Creel had said that his government would do everything they can with us or in the interior part of their country to protect American citizens and American interests. At the present time, we are redeploying assets, personnel and other assets at the borders. But we, at this juncture, don't envision more National Guard there.

We have more agents there than we had on September 12th of 2001 when we had that enormous backlog. But we believe working with our counterparts in Mexico and Canada who have volunteered to work closely with us, we are going to do everything we can to minimize the inconvenience. The President of Mexico and the Prime Minister of Canada, we all want to make sure that we minimize the inconvenience for legitimate people and legitimate goods. But we have two willing partners and I think we can get the enhanced security we need through continued cooperation with our partners."

Isn't this the same Mexican army, armed with AK47s, that has been making years of incursions into the U.S.A, escorting illegals here or assisting the activities of drug cartels while harassing, intimidating, and threatening U.S. citizens?

It's interesting to note that concurrent with this deployment of Mexican troops, there seems to be concerted activity on the part of U.S. federal employees to prevent and persecute private citizens who are border property owners from protecting their own private property or uniting to protect neighbors' private property from destruction by illegals - as in the recent arrests of Chris Simcox and two members of Ranch Rescue. Glenn Spencer of American Patrol also reports that much of the resources of the Tucson's U.S. Border Patrol are now assigned to follow his observation group's every movement.

Is this activity coming from "rank and file" BP agents or has it been ordered by Mr. Bush? What an outrage when the U.S. Border Patrol is ordered to harass U.S. citizens instead of doing the job for which it was created!

Should we wonder if our federal government is behind creating another international border debacle? Prostituting national security to continental raptor trade policy as usual?

It appears Mr. Bush and Mr. Ridge believe they can confer instant credibility on historically corrupt Mexico, Mexican officials and by extension the Mexican military.

Considering that Mr. Bush's fatal policies and his adamant refusal to address border security or immigration as national threats – which in effect already aided and enabled the 9-11 terrorists - his foolishness has gone too far.

Enough already with putting continental politics and porcine trade agreements higher in priority than American lives and U.S. national security! Mexican troops on the U.S. border that Mr. Bush has always refused to defend in other than lip service sham are inappropriate. Mexican troops are unacceptable components in the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

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