The Real Threat To America
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While President Bush is threatening to launch pre-emptive attacks against dangerous states in the Middle East, he might give a little attention to a dangerous state somewhat closer to home. Down on the border with Mexico, what can only be called low-intensity warfare is breaking out.

Last week, a group of illegal aliens from Latin America told the U.S. Border Patrol that Mexican troops had chased and shot at them on the American side of the border. Eight aliens were wounded, and agents found shell casings near the scene, as well as vehicle tracks showing that a Mexican military Humvee had crossed the border and then returned into Mexico.

As Rep. Tom Tancredo has found through his own investigations (no one else in the U.S. government seems interested enough to look into the matter), [VDARE.COM: Tancredo has a petition you can sign here.] this is not exactly news. Border Patrol agents have reported for some years now repeated tales of Mexican troops and police crossing the border and sometimes even firing on them, not just on illegal aliens or drug smugglers, which is what the Mexican authorities say they're after (when they bother to say anything).

Last month a Mexican military Humvee shot out the rear window of a Border Patrol vehicle on patrol near the border, according to U.S. officials. "We're having more and more of this stuff happening," Mr. Tancredo says.

And we can expect more and more of it to happen in the future because our government won't do anything about it and the Mexican government—probably—wants it to keep happening. The reason the Mexicans want their troops and cops to stir up border violence against us is that they think there is no border, that what's on the other side of it—namely, our country—belongs to them.

And the Mexican people agree with them. Last week, just as news of the border shootings was breaking, the immigration reform group known as Americans for Immigration Control released a poll conducted by Zogby International. The poll surveyed Americans about what they thought about immigration, but even more interesting, it also asked Mexicans in Mexico what they about it.

A large majority—some 58 percent of the Mexicans surveyed—agree with the statement, "The territory of the United States' Southwest rightfully belongs to Mexico." Only 28 percent disagree and 14 percent aren't sure. The last category would make good editorial writers for the Wall Street Journal.

Almost the same number—57 percent—agree with the statement "Mexicans should have the right to enter the United States without U.S. permission," while 35 percent disagree.

The poll goes far to explain not only why so many Mexicans feel perfectly free to invite themselves into the United States whenever they please but also why the Mexican government feels so little concern about stopping its own population from fleeing. The compadres in Mexico City view mass emigration to El Norte as a good way to get rid of people for whom their own economy and society can't provide as well as the advance team of what can only be called colonization. Put more precisely, the Mexican government isn't worried about mass emigration because in its eyes, the Mexicans aren't really leaving Mexico anyway. They're just establishing new provinces.

The Mexican government may not want to announce it publicly, but what it is doing is managing the conquest (they'd say the re-conquest, La Reconquista) of the United States through the displacement of one population by another.

The displacement has been going on for decades now and in some parts of the Southwest (excuse me, Mexico) is almost complete. In some areas only Spanish is spoken. In others, federal enforcement of immigration laws is not allowed. In all of them, Mexicans remain Mexicans while Americans are pushed out.

Is President Bush going to do something to defend his own country against the invasion from Mexico? The same day the news about the Mexican military shooting up the car was reported, President Bush was announcing that he was determined to see that the rate of black and Hispanic-American home ownership rise to meet the rate of white home ownership. No, Mr. Bush is far too busy waging a useless war in Afghanistan and pandering to Hispanic voters to take much interest in the invasion and conquest of his own country.

Incidentally, the Zogby poll also found that some 58 percent of Americans believe the United States should "admit fewer immigrants each year," while a whopping 68 percent believe the U.S. military should be deployed to the border to help stop illegal immigration. But don't imagine that the democratic form of government of which we and especially Mr. Bush like to boast so much will do anything that reflects what these majorities of Americans want done.


June 24, 2002

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