A Louisiana Reader Explains The Difference Between Columbus Day and Cinco de Mayo…And It's A Big One
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From: Paul Norman

Re: J R's Saturday Forum Letter: An Angry Reader Calls Guzzardi A "Wop" And A "Racist"  

J R's rant misses the point. 

Columbus Day celebrates the founder of the new Americas.  Italian Festivals celebrate the Italian culture of Italians who legally immigrated to the United States, learned English, and immersed themselves and contributed to the primarily Anglo-Saxon/Celtic culture which founded this nation. 

The Feast of San Gennaro is a Roman Catholic religious feast. 

All of these celebrations, however, are directly linked to the creation of a primarily European America by other Europeans (Italians, Germans, French, English, Spanish, Danish, Norwegians, Swedes and Austrians). 

On the other hand, Cinco de Mayo commemorates a Mexican win over the French in Mexico and has no business being celebrated in this country. Do the Mexicans celebrate the Fourth of July?

It is evident that the mainly Hispanics/Blacks/Mestizos primarily from Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean have no intention of assimilating into our predominantly European culture. 

Rather, those ethnic groups blatantly brag about destroying the America and its European culture and replacing it with a Heinz 57 Afro/Latin/Caribbean culture. 

Therein lies the rub.

Norman, of Irish-Welsh-French descent, is a Captain with a major airline, a graduate of Southeastern Louisiana University, and former Dixie-Democrat, turned Republican, turned Libertarian. He is, he says, a native of Louisiana—home to many cultures—and fully aware of the difference between being a hyphenated American and an "immigrant" who has no desire of being any kind of "American.

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