A London Reader Says the Mood On Diversity Has Shifted
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From: Adam Murphy (e-mail him)

Here in England, attitudes toward diversity are changing.

Until recently, television, radio and newspapers bombarded citizens with unending, utterly shallow celebratory diversity drivel about how England is being endlessly enriched by the vibrancy of mass Third World colonization.

Now that indigenous Britons are soon to become minorities in major cities across the country and locations that were once familiar and welcoming are as foreign and as distant as Pakistan or Nigeria, finally there is a hint of awareness.

The honeymoon period of hysterical, self-congratulating, diversity politics seems to be nearing its end in Britain.

Compare these two Guardian stories about Leicester, a mid-sized British city.

In the first, notice the outrageously over-the-top happy talk. The fact that Leicester (soon to be followed by many other British cities) has become racially and culturally divided is totally neglected. Notice also, the date, January 1st 2001, ten months before the 9/11 wake up call. [Side by Side, The Guardian, January 1, 2001]

But, a story last month—two years after the July 7th London bombings—reflects a different tone regarding side-by-side unity nonsense. [Leicester Heads for Diversity Milestone, Sara Gaines, The Guardian, September 11, 2007]

Now that British churches are being converted into mosques and Muslims are calling for beheadings on London's streets, the liberal socialists who have neglected reality for so long finally see their utopian vision turning into a nightmare.

The change in mood is subtle but from this nationalist's viewpoint, it marks an awakening.

Adam Murphy is a 21-year-old politics and social theory student.

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